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About Randy Bishop

Randy Bishop is an accomplished songwriter, musician and vocalist. Many of Randy's original songs have found their way onto the Top 10 charts of internet music sites and have been used in television series, as well as in radio and television commercials.

Randy Bishop

Since beginning his musical career at the age of 12, Randy has performed on the concert stage with many well-known performers. As Randy likes to put it, "I enjoy performing live because the audiences can really push the music to greater heights."

"But, my real love is writing new songs and creating music in the studio. It never gets old and I’m always intrigued by the way creativity works. It seems to me that constructing a song is a lot like solving a giant puzzle. I’m always anxious to hear the end result when all the pieces finally fit together."

Randy writes in the rock, pop, country and Christian genres and plays guitar, keyboards and bass on his recordings, along with singing vocals.

Randy’s musical influences include a wide variety of artists, such as The Beatles, Keith Urban, Bryan Adams, Dave Barnes, and Santana.

 “I love to listen to music just as much as anyone else and I’m always inspired when I hear a well-crafted song by another artist.”

As a contemporary songwriter, Randy is most interested in finding other artists to perform his material on their own albums, as well as having his songs licensed for use in movies and television.

Randy is a member of ASCAP.


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